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Everyone has a story. Here is ours.

Inception and Website Design Focus

Biztacs was born from the vision of one college graduate in 2019. Initially, our focus was on providing exceptional website design services to businesses looking to establish their online presence.

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Diversification into Digital Marketing

Recognizing the evolving needs of our clients, we expanded our service offerings in 2020 to include digital marketing solutions. From SEO strategies to social media marketing, we helped businesses enhance their online visibility and engagement.

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Expansion into Mobile App Development

With the increasing importance of mobile technology, we expanded our capabilities in 2021 to include mobile app development services. From iOS to Android platforms, we helped businesses reach their target audience on the go.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Solution

Building on our success, we adopted a holistic approach in 2022 by offering comprehensive enterprise solutions. From custom software development to consultancy services, we became a one-stop destination for businesses seeking digital transformation.

ai chatbot developers
Introduction of AI Chatbot Development

we ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence with the introduction of AI chatbot development services. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we empowered businesses to streamline customer interactions and enhance user experience.


Because when you choose Biztacs, you're choosing a partner who's invested in your success, dedicated to your growth, and committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Let's make great things happen together!


Our culture is built around five key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.

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cost effextiveness


We are intensely enthusiastic about providing a superior experience.

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We are polite and kind to one another, even when it gets tough.

Industry Expertise


We are empowered to do our jobs and work towards a common goal.



We work as a team and trust each other to create a seamless experience.

A team built on experience

We’re continuing to build our network nationally, bringing together a vibrant team with best-in-class service and technical skills alike. With more than 800 employees across the US, our team is growing fast.

Better together

We know that work is important, but so is play! We respect all of our partnerships, and we make every effort to engage in fun ways that solve critical problems and leave a smile on your face at the same time.

We love our job and love helping our clients. Life is just too short to not enjoy every minute!

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